About Mr1080

With a passion for art and a God-given quality of spontaneity and creativity, Andrew Pollard is not at all your average photographer. A sketch artist of 33+ years, a painter of 23+ years, a marketing sensation of 15+ years, a graphic design icon/entrepreneur of 12+ years, pro photographer/videographer of 10+ years...He has worked with leaders in such industries as fashion/hair, real estate, and entertainment from nearly 40 states. You would expect a full-on team to operate at such a capacity, but not so the case here. Every idea, every photo, every graphic element, each marketing campaign, each edit or photo restoration you have ever seen bearing the 1080 moniker has been solely the work of Andrew from start to completion. He has written articles, ad design, and photography in several nationally distributed magazines and online media. He is not a photographer...he is not a graphic artist..he isn't a marketing person...he is a VISUAL CONCEPTS ARTIST!

Andrew is the father of three beautiful children(English, Aiden, and Vena). He is a 32nd degree Mason as well as a member of the A.A.O.N.M.S.(Shriner). Other passions include writing/producing music, staying in great shape and enjoying the wild outdoors. 


"Any Joe Blow can pick up a camera and capture greatness, a professional does it on a consistent basis...that's the difference." - Andrew Pollard III

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