Hino Motors 2016 Christmas Parade Highlight Reel

1st place winners HMMAR and thier creative float as they rool through the annual parade. 

The Mellowtones "Kneel Down and Pray" music video

From the upcoming album "Timeless". Shot, directed, edited for my clients, The Mellowtones of West Memphis, AR

Melanie Anthony Prom/Senior Shoot

Full weekend project with senior. First day senior shoot, second day prom shoot. We had a great time and her parents were very helpful! 


 The Art of Barbering Promo Video

Shot down in Arlington, TX at one of the highest rated and critically acclaimed barbershops in the nation. The owner, Frederick Johnson is T.D. Jakes personal barber along with a clientel full of other celebrities ad professional athletes. The shop features over a dozen antique custom barber chairs from the 60's and before pimped out with chrome, candy paint, genuine gator and ostrich and more! 

 Ladia Yates LYE

Just an intermission filmed at Ladia Yates All Dance Expo 2015. Amazing dancers featuring Cino Innovation, Spyda, Lil Bradley, Montrell Da Machine and more!

 Valisha Wilson - Internation Hair Fest 2015

Professional stylist Valisha Wilson shows you what its like from the hair design and prep stage to hitting the runway at a major annual international hairshow in Memphis, TN benefitting St. Judges Children's Hospital! Follow Valisha at instagram.com/valishawilson 

 English's Quince Trailer

Shot in June on the sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Part of great week for my daughter's Quinceanera celebration week. I had the honor and opportunity to shoot this along with my son as backup camera/video man! Check out my son's website www.aidenpollard.com 

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